World Rugby

World Rugby

World Rugby is the world governing and law-making body for the sport of Rugby Union. In addition to its governance functions, World Rugby organizes several major international tournaments and events, such as the Rugby World Cups (women's and men's), the annual Rugby Sevens Series and the developmental Women's WV international tournament.
  • Federations & Governing Bodies
  • Dublin Ireland
  • 250-2000 employees
  • Website
World Rugby is now on a mission to innovate to excite, inspire and engage new audiences in existing and new rugby markets, to grow the sport for all. Through World Rugby Events (EventsCo), the delivery of major tournaments under a new model will be key to the success of a ten-year strategic plan which will see Rugby World Cups in England in 2025, Australia in 2027 & 2029, and culminating in groundbreaking tournaments in the USA in 2031 and 2033. Under the new model, World Rugby will have a more direct role in the setting up, running and delivery of the Rugby World Cups and aims to be the leader in the delivery of major international events. 

World Rugby is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices also in London & Paris. We employee over 200 people.


Our core game values enable employees to immediately understand rugby’s unique character and what makes it distinctive as a sport:

Integrity: is central to the fabric of the game and is generated through honesty and fair play.

Passion: rugby people have a passionate enthusiasm for the game. Rugby generates excitement, emotional attachment, and a sense of belonging to the global rugby family.

Solidarity: rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life-long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork, and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political, and religious differences.

Discipline: is an integral part of the game both on and off the field and is reflected through adherence to the laws, the regulations and rugby’s core values.



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