Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea

At the Real Madrid Graduate School Universidad Europea you’ll learn among leading sports professionals. Our graduate programs are based on the vast management experience of Real Madrid, the world’s leading club in terms of income, results and solvency, and the academic guarantee of Universidad Europea, a pioneering institution in higher education in Spain.

Our wide ranging educational programs are the result of a groundbreaking alliance that combines innovation, prestige and quality.
  • Education
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 250-2000 employees
The Real Madrid Graduate School Universidad Europea, was founded in 2006 with the aim of training future professional leaders with hopes of working in the sports industry. The partnership between Real Madrid, the most successful

sports club of all time, and the Universidad Europea, Spain’s leading institution in comprehensive education, is intended to foster the professionalization and modernization of the sector from university education.

Is a pioneering Postgraduate School worldwide, centering its teaching methodology around the fields of management, sport and health that Real Madrid has been developing for the internal management of the Club. Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing, Facilities, Legal Services, Communication and Medical Services. Senior executives in each area of the Club participate as professors on each one of the master’s programs, working on case studies that are part of the day-to-day of the sports industry.

Studying at the Real Madrid Graduate School Universidad Europea will make you feel what it means to manage a club from the inside, the most prestigious club in the world. Your teachers, senior Real Madrid executives, will be fully involved in your learning and will share their knowledge and experience in Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Marketing, Infrastructure, Legal Services, Communication and Medical Services with you. A real challenge to train the professionals who will define the future of sport.


Elite values that go beyond sport

Our values are present in all the fields of training at the school: curriculum, methodology, teaching, internships and student-faculty relations:

Entrepreneurial spirit: We are dreamers and innovators, which is why we seek more than achievements. We take risks and always aspire to break new ground.

Leadership: It is in the DNA of our institution. Our benchmark is the continuous pursuit of success and the permanent desire to surpass ourselves.

Integrity: Our school must always be model of the values that have forged the history of Real Madrid. Beyond success and achievements, we must always aspire to be an example of education and life.

Teamwork: The team is what is important; together we get further. The interests of the team are always placed before our own personal interests.

Excellence: Our job and commitment are to always strive to give the best of ourselves. The word ‘impossible’ is not a part of our vocabulary.


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