ITTI High Tech Institute

ITTI High Tech Institute

ITTI High Tech Institute is a global sports and technology educational institution, founded and backed by the ECONOMIST AND JURIST, a daily news publication with focus on economic and legal issues, including creating a sound legal and business ecosystem through education.
ITTI Sports works together with top companies and professionals in the sports industry to design courses that address the needs and demands of the rapidly evolving market through real-world cases and insider knowledge.
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  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 250-2000 employees
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Itti Sports is focused in a Global Education with inverted classroom sessions.

Our education model ensures an immersive and comprehensive learning experience, with individualized training that caters to the specific needs of each student and their future career.

Students engage with an expansive network of fellow students, alumni, world-class professionals, from top organizations like FC Barcelona, UEFA, FIFA, IOC, Spanish Football Federation, NBA, YouFirst Sports, FifPro, Professional Footballers' Association, and many more.


At ITTI Sports a multiple nationalities of students learn from each other from its different cultures through the practical cases during the classes. We like to combine not only the students from its language but for its background too.

The culture of our school wants to give the best education to the student through this global experience but also through a high-level networking, because the important thing for the world of sports management is to find the key networking and that is why in ITTI the culture is that both students and teachers share experiences outside and inside the classroom.

At ITTI, the professors who come are eminent in the sector but also outside the classroom they know how to listen to the student, give him advice and guide him in possible business ventures.

At ITTI, we open the doors to the real business of the sports sector through other activities that we organize, such as weekend trips to see a match at Inter Milan or Porto or an experience in London with the PFA, as well as visits to organizations and / or sports federations and events in the same sector.

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