International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES)

International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES)

CIES provides research and top-level education to the world of sport for + 25 years creating an impact on the way sports is managed worldwide.
  • Education
  • Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • 16-50 employees
The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) is an independent study Centre founded in 1995 in Switzerland by FIFA and the City, the State and the University of Neuchâtel.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach (law, sociology, geography, history and management), CIES encourages the exchange of knowledge and experience between stakeholders from both academia and the international sports industry. Thanks to its international network of universities and experts, CIES supports and conducts research and education projects all around the world.

CIES is a hub for research as the CIES Football Observatory, specialised in the statistical analysis of football/sports data, and the CIES Sports Intelligence, a team focusing on aspects of sports governance, finance, legal and development show.

At an educational level, CIES organises the FIFA Master - International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport in Europe which recently celebrated 20 years of success and with about 90% of almost 600 alumni working in the sports industry CIES is also the home of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sports Management which brings together Universities from around the globe (19 countries) to propose a curriculum of continuing education with locally adapted programme.


CIES has an in-house documentation centre open to the public at its headquarters in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in addition to editing and publishing various publications. As an international centre, CIES has a qualified and diversified staff and continually expands its partnerships with individuals, universities and sports organisations around the globe.

Since its creation, CIES has aimed to be a bridge between the worlds of research, education, and sports organisations.



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