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The A-Leagues are the pinnacle of professional football in Australia, consisting of the elite women’s and men’s competitions.

In 2005, the A-League was established as the premier men’s football competition in the country. Not long after, in 2008, the W-League was established.

Fast forward to September 2021, when the men’s and women’s elite competitions were recast as partners, and the A-Leagues identity was born.

The A-Leagues – comprising 13 clubs – will feature 12 teams in the men’s competition and 10 in the women’s, with plans of adding two more sides to the women’s league in 2022-23.

Both competitions, as well as the National Youth League (Y-League) and E-League, are administered by the Australian Professional Leagues (APL). The APL is a relatively new entrant to Australian football, but it’s already having an enormous impact.

Since gaining independence from Football Australia at the start of 2021, the APL has embarked on an ambitious strategy to drive engagement with men’s and women’s elite football through the A-Leagues; and build on football’s undisputed position as the country’s most popular team sport.

Guided by a vision to unite, entertain and grow the football audience in Australia, the A-Leagues showcase the most inclusive, welcoming and truly national sport.

That alone is worth celebrating.

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